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  Hong Kong - first of all their furry feet。


  From the patient's left eye, a doctor finally took out four little bees.


  Under the microscope, I slowly pulled them out one by one, Dr。 Hong Qiting, an ophthalmologist at Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan, said at a news conference broadcast in the local media last week。

  “在显微镜下,我慢慢一个个把它们抽出来。”台湾辅英科技大学附设医院(Fooyin University Hospital)眼科医生洪启庭博士上周在当地媒体播出的一场新闻发布会上说。

  The patient named He said that when she participated in the annual grave-sweeping activities, her left eye felt severe pain and the torture began。 At that time, she was pulling the weeds on the tombstone, so she washed her eyes with some water。 She thought it was sand。 When she got home a few hours later, her eyes were already swollen, and she kept tears and secretions。

  这位何姓病人说,她在参加一年一度的扫墓活动时,左眼感来剧烈疼痛,折磨由此开始。当时她正在拔墓碑上的杂草,于是用一些清水冲洗眼睛,她原本以为是沙子进去了。当几个小时后回来家时,她的眼睛已经肿得很厉害了,一直流眼泪和分泌物。 纽约时报中英文网

  She went to see a doctor。 Under her left eyelid, Dr。 Hong Qiting found something commonly known as "sweat bee"。


  This bee from the genus Aphid mainly relies on pollen and nectar to survive, but it also requires salt from human and animal glands, so they feed on sweat and tears. Unless it is attacked, this bee is rarely stunned.


  The length of a sweat bee is usually about a quarter of an inch, about half that of a small wasp.


  This small pollinator can be found in gardens and meadows around the world, but they rarely fly into the eye。 The surgery of the auxiliary hospital of Fuying University of Technology called the operation of removing bees from Ms。 He’s eyes as the “first in the world”。


  When Dr. Hong took out the bees, they were still alive. He said that if they ruptured in the eyes of Ms. He, she might face serious infections and even blindness. The bee was intact, in part because she did not blink her eyes throughout the process.




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