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  Would you fly in a pilotless airliner?  你敢不敢乘坐无人驾驶客机?  Have you ever had a panic attack in mid-flight? Those that have will tell you it&rsqu


  Can an autonomous sailboat cross the Atlantic?  无人驾驶帆船能穿越大西洋吗?  No one has ever sailed an autonomous boat across the Atlantic。 Few have eve


  The ships that could change the seas forever  无人驾驶船只将改变海上运输未来  Last month in San Diego, California, an engineer sat down at his computer


  Could India’s crowded roads help us create better cars?  自动驾驶汽车如何开上印度拥挤的街道  “In 60 seconds you have to consider 70 options,


  A Summer Storm’s Disruption Is Felt in the Technology Cloud  雷电导致亚马逊云运算服务故障  The cutting edge of the Web just bled a little.  尖端


pk10投注技巧  Steve Jobs Was Right: Smartphones and Tablets Killed the P.C.  乔布斯是对的:手机和iPad杀死了个人电脑  I got an iPad Pro recently, and I’ve fallen m


  The last things that will make us uniquely human  人工智能时代下人类所剩的最后价值  One of the most consequential pieces of news from the US in early 20


  The three things that could kill the pilotless airliner  无人驾驶飞机难以广泛投入使用的三大原因  Forget standing seats, in-flight VR or luggage-tracking


  What we would actually do to stop a 'doomsday’ asteroid  如何阻止'末日'小行星撞击地球  Imagine the day observatories confirm that an a


pk10投注技巧  How we could survive on an asteroid  去太阳系的小行星定居是否可行  The science-fiction series The Expanse is set 200 years in the future: humans have es


  The border guards you can’t win over with a smile  人工智能:永远铁面无私的入境边检员  International travel is increasing at a rapid rate. In 2017,

大脑控制电脑 我们能用意识控制机器吗?

  Will we ever control the world with our minds?  大脑控制电脑 我们能用意识控制机器吗?  Science-fiction can sometimes be a good guide to the future. In th


  How 'smart' email could change the way we talk  人工智能帮助写电子邮件是好事还是坏事  Start typing a reply in Google’s Gmail and it might


  Will we ever have robot carers?  机器人看护:有哪些难题需要解决?  Films like Robot and Frank and I, Robot, as well as animated television shows like The J


  The mindset you need to avoid cyber-crime  如何保护自己避免成为网络犯罪受害者?  In 2013, police in South Cambridgeshire in England took to the streets w


  What it takes to dismantle an oil rig  如何拆除石油钻井平台?  They sound like the kind of arsenal controlled by a Bond villain – twin-hulled megas


pk10投注技巧  Credit card fraud: What you need to know  三条黄金准则杜绝信用卡诈骗  If you are the owner of a credit or a debit card, there is a non-negligible chance


  Steve Jobs Was Right: Smartphones and Tablets Killed the P.C.  乔布斯是对的:手机和iPad杀死了个人电脑  I got an iPad Pro recently, and I’ve fallen m


  Texting While Walking Is Dangerous. Here’s How to Stop.  边走路边看手机有多危险,以及你该如何控制自己  You’re walking around and a thought occ


  The Cuban building the world's tallest bike  世界上最高的自行车有多高?  It’s not possible to keep up with 52-year-old Félix Ramó

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