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  Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows  全球海平面连续上升,可能浸没主要沿海城市  Rising seas could affect three times more people


  The greatest long-term threats facing humanity  末世猜想:可能导致人类灭亡的几大威逼  Can we actually say anything about the far future? If we can’t


  Five ways we can feed the world in 2050  人口暴增:2050年养活100亿人口的五种方法  As our global population continues to rise, some estimates suggest it co


  What happens when a city bans cars from its streets?  无车之城:来底有什么好处,又有哪些争议  Picture children playing games of football on major urban thor


  What India Looks Like When the Air Turns to Poison  在印度,当空气变成毒药  Every winter, farmers in northern India burn crops to make room for a new harv


  Wear Clothes? Then You’re Part of the Problem  你能为解决气候变化做些什么?从穿衣做起  Climate protests drew millions around the world in September


pk10投注技巧  The bias that can cause catastrophe  以成败论英雄:导致巨大灾难的“结果认晓偏差”  Imagine a pilot is taking a familiar flight along a known rou


  How a deliberate oil spill will help protect the environment  科学家有意倾泻石油入湖泊研究生态保护  It’s rare that oil is spilled intentionally。 B


  Thousands Flee Colorado Springs Area as Winds Fuel Wildfire  科罗拉多州山火连续肆虐  COLORADO SPRINGS — With wind and heat giving it new strength,


  New Data on Elusive Particle Shrouded in Secrecy  科学家称发觉了奇妙的玻色子粒子  Dr. Higgs, I presume?  我猜,是希格斯博士吗?  A team of physicists g


pk10投注技巧  The icy camp where polar bears roam  北极科考:在北极熊的冰雪家园里安营扎寨  When the polar bears visit for the first time, they show a magnetic curiosity


  Why Is Air Pollution So Harmful? DNA May Hold the Answer  为什么空气污染如此有害?答案或许与DNA有关  The threat of air pollution grabs our attention when


  The truth about animal grief  动物也会伤心伤心吗?你可能不会相信  Whenever animals are seen grieving the dead, we sit up and take notice. In August 2018,


  The tiny nation leading a new space race  引领新一轮太空竞赛的欧洲袖珍小国卢森堡  As a new space race gathers pace, many tech executives have sold Mars


  Why an AI firm is busy smashing thousands of windows  人工智能公司为什么要不停的砸玻璃?  In a sound-proofed hangar on an RAF airbase just north of Cambr


  What if the aliens we are looking for are AI?  假如外星人是人工智能会怎样?  For more than a century we have been broadcasting our presence to the cosmos


  The hunt for Japan’s ‘ghost’ wolves  日本狼的奇妙发觉与灭绝物种的判定悖论  Hiroshi Yagi was driving through the Chichibu Tama Kai Nati


  If I Touched the Moon, What Would It Feel Like?  如果能亲手摸来月球,那会是种什么感觉?  Twelve people have walked on the moon since humans landed there 50


  The bones that could shape Antarctica’s fate  南极发觉人类遗骨有可能改变未来命运  In 1985, a unique skull was discovered lying on Yamana Beach at


  The complicated truth about a cat’s purr  猫为什么呜呜叫?原因没你想的那么简单  We think we know what a cat’s purr means.  我们以为自己晓道

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