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  Focus on how you work, not why  如何在工作中获得快乐,而不是焦虑?  Why does modern work feel so dissatisfying? Are we making the mistake of searching for


  Why you should manage your energy, not your time  减少工时却能完成更多任务的奇妙办法  For ten years, Lisa Congdon’s days were packed like a &ldquo


  Why you shouldn’t work at full capacity  为什么不应该竭尽全力工作?  Have you ever felt like you couldn’t take time off work because nobody c


  Light, Truth and Whatever  教师力量的全部秘密  Andrew Delbanco must be a great teacher. A longtime faculty member at Columbia, he is devoted to the deve


  Struggling to Let Go of My College-Student Daughter  送女儿上大学  When I sent my daughter, Emma, off for her freshman year of college a few years ago,


  How falling in love can help you learn a language  恋爱如何帮我们学习语言?  Cologne, Germany, 1970: Carol, a sparky red-headed Englishwoman catches the


  The best new way to learn a language?  你意想不来的学习语言最佳方法  It wasn’t until Prashant Choudhary quit his desk job at a Delhi insurance fir

求职面试 肢体语言能帮来你多少?

  Can your body language win you the job?  求职面试 肢体语言能帮来你多少?  Samuel Amegavisa is getting nervous。 In his last year of human biology studies


  The words that change what colours we see  语言——改变你我眼中的色彩  The human eye can physically perceive millions of colours. But we don&r

在美国 只懂英语会不会成为一种缺陷

  What is the future of English in the US?  在美国 只懂英语会不会成为一种缺陷  Ten years ago, I moved to Japan to teach English as a second language in a


  Should you cross this line to get a job?  制作简历时如何避免过犹不及?  In today’s press-a-button-and-it’s-sent environment, resumes and CVs


  The people who pay $27,000 to work abroad  她花了2。7万美元出国工作  Kate Smith had been working nine-to-five at an advertising agency for three years wh

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