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Forever 21,一个快时尚帝国的起与落

  One Family Built Forever 21, and Fueled Its Collapse  Forever 21,一个快时尚帝国的起与落  When Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy in September, the fast fash


  How Uber Got Lost  优步的崛起与坠落  “From the beginning,” the blog post began, “we’ve always been committed to connecting you w


  Luckin Coffee, Chinese Rival to Starbucks, Jumps in Its U。S。 Trading Debut  瑞幸咖啡成功赴美上市,烧钱模式能否连续?  SHANGHAI — Here’s one way


pk10投注技巧  Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?  年轻人,你们为何假装热爱工作?  Never once at the start of my workweek — not in my morning coffee shop


  China Effectively Bans Online Sales of E-Cigarettes  中国监管部门敦促停止网售电子烟  Citing health concerns for minors, a Chinese regulator and the stat


  The end of the filling station?  汽车加油站的末日来了吗?  There’s an oil boom right now。 Worldwide demand for fuel is the highest it has been in e


pk10投注技巧  Electric car charging etiquette  电动汽车充电礼仪有哪些  A few years ago, you could venture into some beneficent municipality and find — in the pu


  Microsoft Introduces a Challenger to the iPad  微软推出平板电脑挑战苹果  LOS ANGELES — In its most strategically significant push yet into the har


  Signs Point to China Tariff Delay, but Decision Rests With Trump  美国会再次推迟对中国新征关税吗?  New tariffs on over $100 billion of Chinese goods are


  U.S. Settles on Outline of Elusive Phase One Trade Deal  中美敲定第一阶段贸易协议条款  WASHINGTON — The United States has settled on final terms o


  Amazon Leaps Into High End of the Fashion Pool  亚马逊进军高端时尚界  SEATTLE — Amazon is so serious about its next big thing that it hired three

Index Ventures 新基金募资逾4亿美元

  Index Ventures Raises $442 Million in New Fund  Index Ventures 新基金募资逾4亿美元  LONDON – The European venture capital firm Index Ventures has


pk10投注技巧  How Trump Lost His Trade War  特朗普是如何输掉这场贸易战的  Trade wars rarely have victors. They do, however, sometimes have losers. And Donald Trump ha


  What would it take to become a trillionaire?  继苹果之后,如何成为万亿富豪  Do you know what you’d do with a trillion dollars? Would you buy a fleet


pk10投注技巧  With Tablet, Microsoft Takes Aim at Hardware Missteps  微软想补硬件课  SEATTLE — Around the time the iPad came out more than two years ago, Micros


  Chinese Restaurants Are Closing. That’s a Good Thing, the Owners Say.  为什么美国的中餐馆越来越少?  KINGSTON, N.Y. — More than 40 years afte


  What Japan's love of nostalgia says about its economy  日本怀旧热情衍生的特殊经济现象  Nippori, Tokyo is known for its "old-town" vibe, bustling wit


  How 7-Eleven Struck Back Against an Owner Who Took a Day Off  当一名日本7-11店主拒绝"全年无休"  HIGASHI-OSAKA, Japan - The rice balls are gone. So are t


  Johnson & Johnson to Remove Formaldehyde From Products  强生承诺将停用多种有毒化学物质  Johnson & Johnson, which makes a range of personal care products


  Starbucks Corp. said Saturday it is creating an official policy that allowsall guests to use its cafes, including its restrooms, whether or not they make ap

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