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    "I can't hold on, I'm going!" Just after valentine's day this year, li fan, a 21-year-old Chinese student, took the drug to commit suicide after leaving a message on his personal microblog. He soon lost consciousness.

pk10投注技巧    “我坚持不了了,我先走了!”今年的情人节刚过,21岁的中国学生李凡在自己的个人微博上留下一行话后服药自杀,他很快便失去了意识。

    He suffered from depression when he was a sophomore at a university in nanjing. After owing a few network loans and feeling to also encounter a problem, he begins suspend schooling to be at home, decide to commit suicide secretly.


    Although he had not told anyone about the decision, more than 8,000 kilometers away in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, a program code-named "tree-hole robot 002" was activated in a computer and soon detected li fan's post。


    A rescue operation was launched around him, and several volunteers from all over China set up an online rescue team。 After discovering that li fan may have fallen into a coma, volunteers contacted the police and he was eventually rescued and taken to hospital。


    Li fan's story may seem thrilling, but it is just the daily life of the online group called tree hole rescue team. It is a vast network of nearly 600 volunteers from all over China. It was created by huang zhisheng, an ai scholar at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

    李凡的故事看起来惊心动魄,但却只是这个名为“树洞救援队”的网络组织的日常。这是一个由近600名来自中国各个地方理想者组成的庞大网络。它的创立者是荷兰阿姆斯特丹自由大学(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)人工智能学者黄智生。

    In the past year and a half, the tree hole rescue team has prevented nearly 1,000 suicides by cooperating with other volunteers through the robot program developed by huang。 More than 700 survivors have been rescued, removing a few duplicate cases。


    "I'm alone in a crowd."


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    "Save ten every week。"

pk10投注技巧    “每周都能救十个”

    "I don't think I can hesitate any longer。 A day later is a day of life," huang zhisheng, a professor of Chinese descent who traveled to China for a conference in a hotel on the eastern outskirts of Beijing, told the BBC。


    He said the idea for the tree hole rescue team came from seeing more and more people around him were prone to depression. So in 2018, he created a program to find people on public social media who were psychologically in need of help.


    The tree hole rescue team was founded by chinese-dutch ai scholar huang zhisheng.

pk10投注技巧    树洞救援队由荷兰华裔人工智能学者黄智生创办。

    His work soon won support from friends and peers, and dozens of medical and ai scholars became the first responders. They based on the machine to find the account target, further implementation of rescue.


    Their first rescue was on April 29, 2018. When a 22-year-old female college student tweeted that she planned to kill herself on May 1, members jumped into action. Peng ling, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences who studies digital cities, is one of them.

pk10投注技巧    他们的第一次营救行动是在2018年4月29日。当时,一名22岁的女大学生发微博说,她计划5月1日自杀,成员们立刻行动起来。在中国科学院研究数字城市的研究员彭玲便是其中之一。

    Peng ling told the BBC that people get clues from other posts by the girl, tao yue. "Boys with me just want to have fun... I don't deserve to live in this world. Rescuers quickly determined that the girl might be having emotional problems.


    In an earlier post, the team found the contact information of the girl's boyfriend, who obtained tao yue's mobile phone and notified the school.

pk10投注技巧    而在更早的一条微博中,队员们则找来女生前男友的联系方式,通过他获得陶悦的手机并通晓了学校。

    "I sent her a text message just before I went to bed, telling her it was normal for things to go wrong and that I could pick her up and visit Beijing," Ms. Peng said. "I didn't expect her to reply, but then I added my WeChat and gradually calmed down. Later, I asked her if she had eaten anything in the morning, middle and evening. Every week, we also sent her a bunch of flowers online."


    Volunteers face not only temporary relief, but also long-term companionship.


    After the first rescue operation was successful, the tree hole rescue team began to work intensively. Because of physical disability to jump off a bridge, because I owe money to commit suicide in a hotel... It's like something out of a movie or a novel, almost every day in a rescue group.<纽约时报中英文网>


    "Rescue requires both luck and experience," said li hong, a beijing-based psychologist who has been with the rescue team for nearly a year。 In one case, she said, to save a woman who committed suicide in a hotel in chengdu, sichuan province, she and her team searched eight similar hotels and had to make phone calls。


    "All the hotel front desk operators said they didn't know about it, but one receptionist hesitated, and we suspected it was the hotel," Ms. Li said.




    Although the follow-up rescue requires the volunteers to locate manually, the identification of potential targets in the early stage and the determination of emergency degree are done automatically by the machine。


    Mr。 Huang said he USES a program written in JAVA to monitor specific 'tree holes' on microblogs during a fixed period of time each day and interpret the semantics of microblogs with keywords。


    His post, written seven years ago before he committed suicide, has become one of the biggest "tree holes" on Chinese Internet platforms。 More than 1 million comments have been left。


    "Tree hole" is a popular term among young Chinese and is said to have originated from an Irish fairy tale about a barber who confides in a tree. Many people compare tree holes to places where secrets can be recorded.


    In 2012, a 23-year-old Chinese student posted on his weibo account, walking fan, saying, "I have depression, so I'm going to die. There's no important reason.


pk10投注技巧    Local police later confirmed that sanfan had committed suicide before the regular post. But what she may not have expected is that her last words have become a "tree hole". Every day, tens of thousands of netizens leave comments, telling their own thoughts and even expressing the idea of killing themselves.


    Statistics from tree hole rescue team show that people with suicidal thoughts are mainly aged between 16 and 26, and the peak time for messages in tree hole is from 10 PM to 2 am, about 1:3 for every male and female.


pk10投注技巧    The ai program automatically divides the captured messages into 10 levels, with 10 being the highest level of urgency, meaning a suicide is in progress, followed by 9, meaning a clearly planned suicide attempt.


    Li hong, a beijing-based psychological consultant, said the tree hole rescue has taken up more than half of her life. She has rescued nearly 30 people.


pk10投注技巧    In such cases, Mr。 Huang said, volunteers try to call the police directly or his family or friends。 However, if it is below level 6, which means publishing some world-weary words, the volunteers will not take direct action。


    "At the highest level, life is at stake. Life is above all else. But if it's not that urgent, we won't continue to search for information or take action to protect privacy, "Mr. Huang said.

    “最高级的话,意味着生命危在旦夕,生命是高于一切的。但如果没有那么紧急,出于保护隐私,我们不会连续搜当事人的信息或摘取行动,”黄智生说。 纽约时报中英文网

    How to strike a balance between suicide intervention and social media privacy protection has been a controversial topic.

pk10投注技巧    如何在干预自杀和社交媒体的隐私保护之间觅找平稳,一直是一个争议性的话题。

    The Samaritans, a British voluntary agency, launched a service called Samaritans Radar on Twitter in 2014。 Once users post negative words, the system sends emails to their friends。 The program was shut down nine days after it went live, sparking a huge privacy controversy。

pk10投注技巧    2014年,英国理想机构撒玛利亚会(Samaritans)在推特(Twitter)上曾推出名为撒玛利亚雷达(Samaritans Radar)的服务。一旦用户发布了一些负面情绪的词语,系统就会向他们的好友发送邮件。该程序上线后引发巨大的隐私争议,在9天后便被关闭。

pk10投注技巧    depression


    Li hong told the BBC that financial problems, such as lack of Internet loans, were the main reason boys wanted to commit suicide, while girls were "trapped in love". But behind these direct factors, quite a few people share a common trait -- varying degrees of depression.


    According to the world health organization (WHO), as of 2017, more than 320 million people worldwide suffered from depression, including more than 54 million people in China, equivalent to four out of 100 people suffering from depression.


    Mr. Huang's program automatically retrieves keywords on the microblogging platform, ranks them and generates a suicide alert.


    However, depression is not a "big problem" in China's rural areas or in the minds of many older generations.


pk10投注技巧    "I knew I had depression when I was in high school, but my mother told me it was absolutely impossible, don't think about it," li told the BBC.


    It is this neglect that makes some people with depression suffer more and even die。


    More than half of China's 250, 000 or so suicides each year are depression, and one every 20 seconds, the state-run science and technology daily reported。

pk10投注技巧    中国官方媒体《科技日报》报道说,中国每年约25万的自杀人群中一半以上是抑郁症患者,几乎每20秒就有一人因抑郁症自杀。

    Huang zhisheng's robot once found a post on the Internet: "I will visit mount wuyi during the New Year, and I will jump off the building after the New Year。" it came from a female student。 According to the message, rescuers searched for the girl's mother, but she said: "my daughter was talking and laughing just now。 Why do you think she wants to die?"


    Rescue workers showed the mother a diagnosis of her daughter's major depression, but she still ignored it。 Until that day, the daughter was ready to jump from the building, was rescued by the police。


    Depression accounts for more than half of the estimated 250,000 suicides in China each year, with one every 20 seconds.




pk10投注技巧    More and more people are joining the rescue team, but huang said it is still a drop in the ocean for the huge number of people who want to commit suicide online。


    "Because microblogs limit the frequency of grabs, we are currently able to detect more than 3,000 objects per day. But even then, we can only save one or two a day on average, and only the most urgent, "he said.


    Another, bigger problem for rescuers is the company of the person they bring back.


    "A big part of my life right now is occupied by these tree hole babies. Sometimes it's exhausting, "said li hong. She still has a long chat with the eight rescued. "When they leave me messages about their confusion, I usually immediately respond," she said.


    In addition to online companionship, li said some of the team members are also looking for ways to help rescue victims solve practical difficulties. For example, an ai scholar once helped a social phobia sufferer find a job tagging data.


    Although there are more than 600 volunteers so far, they are still a drop in the bucket compared to the huge number of suicides, huang said.

pk10投注技巧    黄智生说,尽管目前已有600多名理想者,但相比于庞大的自杀人群仍旧杯水车薪。

    But for those who have not completely untangled their hearts, they may commit suicide again。 For example, tao yue mentioned above。

pk10投注技巧    但对于一些没有彻底解开心结的被救援者,他们有可能再次自杀。例如,前文提及的陶悦。

    After she was rescued, tao yue was "looking better and better every day" and was even ready to go back to school, peng said. But her life came to a screeching halt one weekend when she swallowed pills and killed herself.


    "I still don't know why, she was still talking to me on Friday about her new WeChat profile picture," peng ling said. "The sudden departure of someone who had been with you for so long was a big shock."


    Li fan, who was also rescued, has now found a job as a hotel receptionist. "I like it because I can meet different people," he said.


    Despite their efforts, he says, most of the time they are still only able to solve the immediate problem。 He believes that his efforts and the understanding of his relatives are more important。


    "As lu xun said, human beings have many joys and sorrows that are not related to each other, and we need to get out of them by ourselves," he said.




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