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“史上最好的” iPhone來了,它真的适合你吗?-蛐蛐英语网

The iPhone X Is Cool. That Doesn’t Mean You Are Ready for It.
“史上最好的” iPhone來了,它真的适合你吗?

The iPhone X is the best iPhone ever made. Many of you probably aren’t ready for it.

iPhone X是有史以来最好的iPhone。但可能很多人还没做好准备。

Here’s why: Apple’s newest iPhone takes a big leap from past models。 It lacks a home button, which makes it less intuitive to use than previous iPhones。 The device is also the first iPhone to feature a face scanner for unlocking it。 And for many people who have developed 10 years of muscle memory from using iPhones a certain way, these may seem like abrupt changes。

原因如下:作为苹果(Apple)最新推出的iPhone,iPhone X与过去的产品相比取得了巨大的飞跃。它没有home键,这导致它用起来感觉不如之前的iPhone顺手。它也是首款使用面部扫描解锁的iPhone。对很多因为按照某种特定的方式使用iPhone十年而形成肌肉记忆的人来说,这些改变可能很别扭。

Yet for all these caveats, be prepared to get caught up in the buzz of the iPhone X (pronounced ten, not ex)。 Apple unveiled the device — its most expensive smartphone ever, starting at $999 — in September alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which are cheaper models with familiar features。 The iPhone X arrives in stores on Friday, and Apple has encouraged people to line up early。

尽管有这些提醒,但还是准备好加入iPhone X(这里的X是罗马数字中的10,不是英文字母X)引发的热潮吧。9月,苹果发布iPhone X,这是其有史以来最贵的智能手机,起售价999美元(约合6600元人民币,中国8388元起售)。一同发布的还有iPhone 8和iPhone 8 Plus,这两款手机的功能为人所熟晓,售价低于iPhone X。iPhone X将于周五开售,苹果鼓励人们提早排队。

So is the iPhone X right for you? I tested the device for two days this week after Apple made it available to The New York Times. This was not an ideal length of time to discover all the pros and cons of the smartphone; in years past, we tested new iPhones for a week or more.

那么,iPhone X适合你吗?本周,在苹果向《纽约时报》提供样机后,我对它进行了两天的测试。要发觉它所有优缺点,这并不是理想的时间长度。过去几年,我们测试新款iPhone的时间都在一周或以上。

But the tests revealed that the phone was incredibly fast and took exceptional photos, which helped me arrive at this verdict: Splurge on the iPhone X if you care about having a phone with the fanciest mobile camera in a compact body. The iPhone X’s camera is superior to the one on the iPhone 8 Plus, and yet the iPhone X is smaller, which makes it easier to carry around.

但测试表明,这款手机的速度非常快,拍照效果也非常好。这促使我得出了这样一个结论:如果想要一部机身小巧、相机一流的手机,就割肉买iPhone X吧。iPhone X的相机比iPhone 8 Plus上的更好,而且iPhone X更小巧,因此更方便携带。

Otherwise, there are plenty of cheaper smartphones with excellent features. And the iPhone X isn’t perfect. Losing the home button will make it awkward to use for a while.

然而,有很多智能手机都有着杰出的功能,而且价钱还更便宜。况且iPhone X并不完美。没了home键会让用户在一段时间里觉得不方便。

And although the face scanner for unlocking the device is impressive and creepily accurate, in many situations, it didn’t work as quickly as a fingerprint scanner. It also failed to unlock the phone when I wore a pair of Persol sunglasses.


The iPhone X feels ahead of its time, perfect for a target audience of technology enthusiasts and obsessive photographers. Everyone else may want to wait awhile to buy.

iPhone X感觉超越了这个时代,非常适合由科技发烧友和摄影爱好者所构成的特定群体。除此之外的所有人,可能都想等等再出手。

An iPhone X overview

iPhone X概述

First, the basics: The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen that is larger than the 5.5-inch display on the iPhone 8 Plus and the 4.7-inch screen on the iPhone 8. Yet the iPhone X’s overall body is smaller than that of the iPhone 8 Plus (though a little bit larger than that of the iPhone 8). Apple managed to squeeze a larger screen onto a smaller body by eliminating the iPhone’s bezel, which is the border surrounding the display. The screen takes up the entire face of the device, with the exception of a notch at the top containing the infrared face scanner.

第一,基本情况如下:iPhone X屏幕5.8英寸,比iPhone 8 Plus的5.5英寸屏和iPhone 8的4.7英寸屏都大。但iPhone X的整体机身比iPhone 8 Plus小(不过比iPhone 8略大)。苹果设法通过去掉显示屏四周的边框,得以扩大屏幕、缩小机身。除上方红外面部扫描仪所在的凹槽外,机身正面全部都是屏幕。

In the process of removing the bezel, Apple also eliminated the home button. As a result, controlling the iPhone X mostly involves using touch gestures. When inside an app or unlocking the phone, swiping up from the bottom brings you to the home screen. That’s simple, but other functions are trickier. To open the app switcher, a popular feature, you swipe up from the bottom and hold your finger for a second. Many times, I lifted my thumb too soon before opening this shortcut. (On past iPhones, you would just press the home button twice to open the app switcher.)

在去除边框的过程中,苹果还取消了home键。因此,控制iPhone X大部分时候都需要使用触控手势。当你在某项应用里面或是要解锁手机时,从底部往上滑便能前往主屏幕。这比较简单,但其他一些功能就要复杂一些了。要打开颇受欢迎的应用程序切换功能,你得从底部往上滑,并且手指要停留一秒钟。我好多次都是大拇指松得太早,未能打开这个快捷功能。(在以前的iPhone上,只需要按两次home键,便能打开应用程序切换。)

Apple has included a shortcut on the phone called Reachability, which lowers the top of the screen to make it easier for one-handed users to reach for buttons or apps on the top row with their thumb. To engage it, swipe downward from the bottom of the screen. Yet it often took me multiple attempts to swipe the sweet spot before successfully opening it. It is much easier to use Reachability with other iPhones: you just tap the home button twice.

iPhone X上还有一个叫“便利访问”(Reachability)的快捷功能。它可以让屏幕顶部向下滑动,以便降低单手操作的用户用大拇指点击位于最上面那一排键或应用的难度。要激活这一功能,需要从屏幕底部往下滑。但我往往要试好几次,才能滑来有效点,成功打开它。在其他iPhone上使用便利访问则要容易得多,只需双击home键。

I struggled with the new iPhone controls when I ran into a bug。 One morning, the Amazon app was loaded on the screen — then it froze。


I tried swiping up to leave the app, then holding two physical side buttons down to shut down the phone, but to no avail.


I fumbled around for at least 10 minutes before I read a guide that revealed that pressing three physical buttons in a sequence would force a restart. These are troubling signs for how less technologically inclined people may respond to the iPhone X. For the last decade, the iPhone has been a computer that anyone can use without reading an instruction manual. With the iPhone X, that is no longer the case.

我摸索了至少10分钟才读来了一个指导方法,说是按顺序按下三个物理按键可以强制复启。对于不太擅长科技的iPhone X用户来说,这些都是麻烦的迹象。十年来,iPhone一直都是一部不需要人们去看说明书的运算机,而iPhone X不再是这样了。

Testing Face ID


Apple’s Face ID, the official name for its face scanner technology, works by spraying an object with infrared dots and stitching the patterns into a detailed 3D image of your face to determine whether you are the owner of the smartphone before unlocking it。

苹果面部扫描技术的官方名称叫做面容ID(Face ID),它通过扫描对象,为其分布红外线焦点,并对头像进行三维建模,来检测你是不是手机的主人,从而开锁。

Face ID continues to update this map of your face with more information every time you unlock your smartphone — whether you are wearing a scarf or a hat or growing facial hair. In addition, Face ID can authorize mobile payments, log in to apps and create animated emojis that mimic your face movements.


I put Face ID through dozens of tests and it recognized my face in most situations, including when I wore a beanie, Ray-Ban sunglasses or goggles for my Halloween costume or draped a dog toy over my head. It worked in pitch dark at night and outside on a sunny day.


But Face ID worked inconsistently — or not at all — when I lay the iPhone X flat on a table or my night stand, wore a gas mask for my Halloween costume, walked around in bright sunlight at a park or wore Persol sunglasses。 (According to Apple, these particular sunglasses probably blocked the part of the infrared spectrum used by Face ID。) It also didn’t work when I tried using the face scanner while slurping a bowl of noodles。

但当我把iPhone X平放在桌面或床头柜上、戴着万圣节道具的防毒面具时、在日光强烈的公园里漫步或是戴上潘索太阳镜时,面容ID的使用状态就不稳固了,甚至根本用不了。(根据苹果公司解释,这种特别的太阳镜可能会隔离面容ID需要的部分红外光谱。)它在我大口食面时也同样无法使用。

Ultimately, it was faster to unlock the iPhone 8 with Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor, than it was to unlock the iPhone X with Face ID in most situations. Unlocking with a fingerprint sensor is one rapid gesture: You hold your fingerprint over the sensor, and the phone unlocks in less than a second. With Face ID, you have to wait for the camera to scan your face, which sometimes takes more than a second; you can swipe up to unlock the phone before or after the scan completes.

实际上,在大多数时候,用Touch ID(苹果指纹识别技术)解锁iPhone 8,要比用面容ID解锁iPhone X快得多。用指纹识别解锁是一个快速的手势:你把指纹放在传感器上,手机不来一秒就解锁了。而使用面容ID的时候,你要等摄像头扫描你的脸,有时候需要不止一秒的时间。在扫描完成后,你可以向上滑动来解锁手机。

To be fair, Touch ID sometimes failed to scan my fingerprint on previous iPhones, like when my hands were sweaty, damp or dirty. Over the long term, Face ID is likely to save more time than using Touch ID because Face ID only failed in rare circumstances.

公平地讲,我之前那部手机的Touch ID有时会无法扫描出我的指纹,比如当我的手出汗、潮湿,或有点脏的时候。长远来看,面容ID可能会比Touch ID省下更多时间,因为只有在极少数情况下面容ID才会失败。

The wow factors


Before reviewing the iPhone X, I used an iPhone 8 Plus for two weeks for comparison. Both devices have a similar rear camera system with two lenses. The two cameras work together to show the picture’s main subject in sharp focus while gently blurring the background. Apple calls this Portrait mode, also known as the bokeh effect.

在评估iPhone X之前,我使用了两星期的iPhone 8 Plus以作对比。两个设备都有相似的双后置摄像头。两个摄像头相互协作,使照片的主要对象清楚聚焦,同时柔和地模糊了背景。苹果称之为“人像模式”,也被称为背景虚化效果。

The dual-lens camera is extremely compelling, with Portrait mode making photos of even the most mundane things — like a bowl of ramen — look artistic and stunning. But the drawback was that the iPhone 8 Plus was so bulky that it was miserable to carry around and using the device with one hand felt impossible.

双摄像头非常有吸引力。人像模式使平凡事物也能被照得有艺术感、令人赞颂,就像一碗拉面一样。但缺点就是iPhone 8 Plus十分笨复,随身携带非常麻烦,几乎不可能单手使用。

That means the iPhone X’s dual-lens camera and phone size may be a major draw for people. The iPhone X’s camera is slightly better than the camera on the iPhone 8 Plus because one lens has a higher aperture to let in more light. As a result, Portrait mode photos looked better (subjects were even clearer in the foreground), and so did photos taken in low light.

这就意味着iPhone X的双摄像头和手机大小可能会成为一个卖点。iPhone X的镜头比iPhone 8 Plus的要稍好一些,因为其中之一光圈更大,可以让更多光线进来。因此,使用人像模式拍照的照片看起来更棒了(前景中的事物更加清楚),即使在暗处拍的照片也是如此。

Another must mention: the screen. It uses OLED technology, a type of display with better color accuracy and contrast than its predecessor, LCD. That made the screen on the iPhone X look more vibrant than the ones on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, which still use LCD. I also preferred the colors on the screen to those on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the $950 phablet that earned top ratings for its display. The Samsung device’s display colors looked bluer and less natural than those on the iPhone X.

还有一个值得一提的,就是屏幕。iPhone X的屏幕使用了OLED(有机发光二极管)技术,比起它的前任LCD技术有着更精确的色彩显示和对比度。因此iPhone X的屏幕比依然使用LCD技术的iPhone 8 Plus和iPhone 8看起来更加鲜艳。相比三星盖乐世Note 8这个950美元(约合6175人民币)、在显示屏方面排行第一的手机,我还是更喜欢苹果的屏幕色彩。三星设备的显示屏色彩要偏蓝一些,也没有iPhone X那么自然。

Bottom line


In terms of features, the iPhone X is the most impressive smartphone ever made. It’s worth the $999 — but that doesn’t mean you should buy it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the iPhone X to my tech-crazed friends in Silicon Valley, but the iPhone 8 is just as fast while being simpler and more familiar to use.

从特点上看,iPhone X是目前最令人印象深刻的智能手机了。999美元(约合6600人民币)这个定价物有所值——但这不意味着你就一定要买。若是举荐给我在硅谷的科技迷朋友,我会毫不犹豫。但是iPhone 8的速度和它一样快,而且操作更加简洁熟悉。

Then again, if you are willing to get up early to line up for a $999 phone, you are probably the target demographic for the iPhone X anyway. Make sure you wear something comfortable.

不过话说回来,如果你情愿为了一个999美元的手机一大早去排队,你可能正是iPhone X的目标客户群。记得穿件舒坦的衣服去。



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